In English

Kopu Christian School offers free basic education for grades 1 - 6 catering for children ages 7 -12. The education is founded on christian basic values.

Kopu Christian School is intended for pupils of all christian denominations; the behaviorculture of school is co-christian.

Helsinki Christian School was founded 1966 and and later on became Kopu Cristian School due to the relocation of the school. Kopu Christian School has been operating in Nummela since 1992. The Finnish goverment granted a compensatory status for Kopu Christian School in 1997.

"Kopun Koulun Ystävät ry" is a parents association which is firmly involved in schools activities. The sponsoring network of the school is comprised of different christian congregations and from other christians schools, which are in collaboration with Kopu Christian School.

The Objective of Kopu Christian School is to:

  • Help students to achieve the normal course of curriculum.
  • Help students to recognize ones abilities and to develope ones skills and knowledge.
  • Support student´s individual growth and development in mental, physical, social and spiritual needs towards an unhurt and balanced adulthood.
  • Help students to acknowledge the christian set of values.
  • Raise healthy and responsible, unhurt child of God, who understands one's own and others worth.

Nice to know

  • Kopu Christian school welcomes all children, whose parents are interested in christian education
  • Teaching, books, school supplies (in school) and food are free of charge.
  • English language lessons start at grade 1
  • An Afternoon Club "Viiru ja Pesonen" offeres afterschool activities for sudents in grades 1- 2 for a minimal fee.
  • Parents are responsible for students trasportation to and from school.
  • Health care (nurse, doctor, dental care) is arrenged by municipality of Vihti.
  • Everyone who is interested in christian schoolwork can join the parents association "Kopun Koulun Ystävät ry".