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Kopun Christian School provides quality education for grades 1-6, which includes children ages 7-12. We afford a well-rounded curriculum that is founded on Christian values and beliefs. Our goal is to give our students a place to grow and learn, in a safe and motivational environment.

Originally named “Helsinki Kopun Christian School,” it was founded in 1966. Later it became Kopun Christian School due to its relocation to Nummela in 1992. The Finnish government granted a compensatory status for the school in 1997.

Kopun Christian School is an interdenominational Christian school. It also includes an independent association known as “Kopun Koulun Ystävät Ry,” that was established in 1998. This association includes the parents of our students, and encourages their involvement in all school activities.

The school is presently located at the Salvation Army Children’s Lomamakodi, in the scenic lakeside community of Hiidenranta, Nummela. It is accessible by bus and car, and parents are responsible for the transportation arrangements of their child/children.

Our Philosophy:

Kopun Christian School aims for a Christian community where students from different backgrounds are welcome.

Christian values are the base for our school’s culture, and a part of the school’s teachings. Students are encouraged to discuss issues concerning Christianity and other world views openly and respecting each other’s views.

The school strives for a level of excellence, in a free-flowing format. Our teachers are committed to developing support for students with special needs as well as providing challenges for advanced students.

The school acknowledges that parents are the primary educators of their children. The role of the school is to support parents in this, and vice versa, for them to support the teachers in their goals of raising  healthy, productive, mannered, and well-rounded individuals.

Our School:

Kopun Christian School is a private school that provides quality education. The school follows the Finnish national curriculum, and standards. In addition, English lessons begin at Grade 1, and continue through Grade 6.

Our objective is to help students achieve their education, while developing their skills, comprehension, and individual growth. High value is put into the culture of caring and responding to the students’ social, emotional and spiritual needs.

For a list of our School Rules, please visit the link here on our website:

As our school is government funded, the books, school supplies (e.g. paper, pencils, etc.) and lunch are provide at no cost to parents.

During their years in school, students can be involved in various projects and extracurricular activities. On occasion we have Assistants and Interns who work here, and can provide after-school language and music lessons.

We do appreciate and encourage our parents to participate in our extra events, and should you wish to contribute your time or make a monetary donation, it would be welcomed and appreciated.

Afternoon activities

The students can enroll for an after- school club, “Viiru ja Pesonen,” that is available for grades 1-2.  The club provides a safe and motivating environment to spend time after school as well as participate in  activities that encourage student development.

A fee is charged for attendance and there is a possible extra fee for the clubs and extracurricular activities.


The school is currently accepting new students to all grades.

The general application period starts in January for the next academic year, which starts in August. Students can also apply at other times and it’s possible to enroll during the semester providing there is vacancy.

Students are accepted based upon an application and an interview. This helps determine whether or not the school can provide for the student’s educational and emotional needs.

As part of the election process the school usually contacts the student’s previous school with a permission from guardians, in order to gain necessary information for a smooth transition into the school.

To start the application process, please fill in the application form and send it to the school.


For more information, contact:

Address: Kopun Kristillinen Koulu

               Hiidenrannantie 22

               03100 Nummela

Phone: 050 3776191